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Dalkita guest appearance on Mile High Bourbon Podcast

Window sprinklers, water curtains, sprinkler protected glazing: What is the difference

Distillery Layouts- Flow, Adjacencies, and Views

Emergency & Fire Alarms in Distilleries

Un-sprinklered, Detached Barrel Storage Buildings

2021 Codes and Barrel Storage

High Piled Combustible Storage for Distilleries

Building Code- Spaces and Stories with 1 exit

Significant 2021 Code Changes Affecting Distilleries

Thank you Downslope

Insulation Code Requirements For Metal Buildings

Dalkita’s latest design and GC project is complete!

FDNY Code is first to address the scale of micro-distilleries

FDNY is first organization to address the size and scope of a micro distillery in their official 2022 Fire Code Adoption.

Is bottling required to be an H-3 occupancy?

New Mountain Home Design

Granite Crag House

Ladder Effect & Guardrails

Distilling Craft: Bee Prepared

We’ve got a legislative update (Permanent FET Relief?!) a segment with Craig Englehorn from Spirit Hound Distillery on Emergency Preparation for Distilleries. Tips from someone that’s been through a natural disaster emergency situation and brought the distillery out the other side of it. Also we talk with Bee Squared about their 2020 Good Food Award Winning Barrel Aged Honey, the state of bees in the Rocky Mountain Region, and how we all can support our winged pollinators better no matter where in the world you are listening from.

Building an Energy-Efficient Mountain Home

Home Build Complete!

Finishes- Light at the end of the tunnel!

Drywalling & Getting Ready for Finishes

Finishing Rough Ins, Painting, Deck, & Insulation

Framing Through Rough-Ins

Excavation Through Framing

Fire Rating Options at Interior Windows

Sprinklers In Single Family Residential

Distilling School – 101

Extremely wonderful class! Experts in their field and tons of accessible knowledge to take with you for your Distillery journey. Whether you are an experienced distiller looking to open up a distillery or someone looking into becoming a distiller, you will gain knowledge to excel, from this class.

Building a Mountain Home

The Permitting Process

Outdoor Portions of Buildings & Code Considerations

Distillery Wastewater & BOD’s

Design Contract Concepts you should NEVER agree to.

The Trickle-Down Economy

Portable Fire Extinguishers for Distilleries

Code Required Signage In Distilleries

Allowable Areas Of Buildings

MAQs- Maximum Allowable Quantities

Fire Protection Sprinkler Systems

Top 10 Tips for Steam Boilers

Social Normalization of Deviance

Static Electricity In Distilleries

How To Write A Distiller’s Process Description

Building A Distillery: What is the Process? (Part 3)

Building A Distillery: What is the Process? (Part 2)

Building A Distillery: What is the Process?

Building A Distillery: What is the Process? (Part 1)

What is the LFL & What does it mean to you?

How Many Plumbing Facilites Are Required In a Building?

Programming Your Distillery

Stair, Ramp, & Railing Design

No building codes out in the middle of nowhere! Think again.

Prohibition On Flammable Liquids In Plastic Totes

Harnessing The Sun – Passive Solar Sustainability Concepts In Buildings

Important Considerations for a Design of Boiler Rooms in Distilleries

Secondary Containment

ADA Compliance Overview

2017 Distilling School

Craft Distillery Milling: In-house or Outsource?

Micro-Distillery Design & Construction Reference List

How Oil & Gas Drive Up the Price of Construction

Distiller & Developer Partnerships

Direct Fire, Gas or Steam?

Frank Lloyd Wright designed R/D Tower Opens to the Public in May

CopperMuse Distillery Opens in Fort Collins

2014 Distilling School

Code Considerations for Craft Distilleries

Summit County will require sprinklers for distilleries

Englewood welcomes craft distilleries, breweries, and wineries

2013 Distillery School

Gin distillery a total loss after explosion

NY Distillery Lucks Out

Dalkita Architecture Licenses

Distilling Craft: Qualified Consultants

Let’s talk tied house violations and the 3-tier system with Professor Danial Croxall from McGeorge School of Law at University of the Pacific in Sacramento, CA. Seven Stills from San Francisco is our case study.