Drywalling & Getting Ready for Finishes

Drywall is going in! There were some delays because the delivery of drywall got delayed, but were hoping its all done in about 2 weeks. We’re in a bit of a time crunch because the tiler can only get in on the week of the 17th, so needing to make sure we get drywall done in time!

There won’t be too many showy photos in the post! But these are the annoying yet important details that have to be done when building a house!

Drywall going in the great room
Drywall around the fireplace that will be tiled

We noticed after the drywall started going in that this closet was missing the header. Our framer would have taken too long to get this done, so we did it ourselves. So, got some framing work in this weekend! Also had this spot where pipes stick out that we needed to box around

Adding framing over closet
Adding a box in for pipes in the corner of the ceiling

They leave this gap at the bottom of the wall on the lower level to account for some shifting in the walls. We were a little concerned here that the gap was too high, but it should be just short enough to be covered up with out 5.25″ high trim, accounting for it to be brought up 1/2″ for flooring.

Drywall gap to avoid cracking. Just barely low enough to be covered by trim.

We had to figure some stuff out regarding recessed lights. We are using canless recessed lights. So, for now we just have wires hanging down and then later we make holes in the ceiling and pop in the lights. The lights have an integrated junction box in them that you just hook up the power directly to. So, we decided we would just cover these up with drywall now, but mark on the floor where they are so we can located them later.

Recessed lighting locations marked on the floor.

Besides drywalling theres been some odds and ends on the materials purchasing side. We found a nice plywood alder that we are going to use for our alcove shelves.

And we figured out schluter eding for our tile….We decided to just buy this from floor and decor since it was in stock. We were worried about our tile supplier not getting them in time.

Schluter tile edging selections

One big shock we had was our wood flooring. First, we met with our installer, who immediately said the type of wood floor we chose could not be float installed. Even though the manufacturer and the distributor we bought from, Pro Source, said it could…. But apparently it is not advised since its a tongue and groove, not a click lock. So, thats about $1,000 extra for install…..

Also, we counted and ordered floor nosing pieces. We were shocked at the price. It was over $2,000 for our 1 long stair, and 1 short stair. I wish we would have been told or known to ask about this big sticker price for this seemingly small amount of trim.

If I could go back in time, I would not order from Pro Source. I would have shopped around and found a better deal. Yes, we are getting some really nice wood floors. But, I feel like we got ripped off, and paid prosource extra just to be a middle man and they actually didn’t help us in any way… Also, we have to rent a truck to pick up the wood since they don’t deliver!

Well, that was enough of my venting! Keep posted… soon we should have some nice finishes going in!

-Matt Taylor-Rennert

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