About us

A long time ago, people who sacrificed their sleep, family, food and laughter were called Saints. Today, we feed them lots of caffeine and call them dedicated designers, architects and engineers. In reality – they are capital “A” Artisans of their respective crafts.

Scott Moore

President & Principal Architect

Scott Moore
Scott has 30 years’ experience in the design and building industry. He began his career creating a wide variety of buildings ranging from five-star hotels to schools, universities, correctional facilities and hospitals throughout the country.

Project Architect

Matt Taylor-Rennert

In 2014, Matt joined Dalkita Architecture & Construction, intrigued by the unique distilling niche and the opportunity to grow with a company that crosses the bridge between design and construction. Matt wears many hats at Dalkita, such as architectural drafting, 3D modeling, zoning/building code analysis, interface with municipal building/fire authorities, and administrative duties.

Matt Taylor-Rennert

Support Staff

Jax Moore


Vern Moore

HR Specialist

Junior Taylor-Rennert

Floor Supervisor

Pickles Taylor-Rennert

Hydration Engineer