Schedule a Consult

1 hr - $550

Clients submit all available information on their project, an agenda and a list of questions and problems they are working to resolve prior to the call. Our team then reviews the material and supplements the agenda, based on what the client provides.

During the conference, one of our architects will review the agenda and plans for the client’s project, share examples from other projects, and provide advice on moving forward.

The conference call is most effective if the client can assemble their entire team, including any architects, engineers, contractors, consultants, and key personnel that are available.

Up to twenty different lines can call in, so your whole team can participate regardless of location.

Sometimes these calls are all a client team needs to take their project to the next level or through completion. Other times, they identify ways in which Dalkita can provide services. The cost of the call is credited back to clients who engage Dalkita for further services.