Moving Day!!

Dalkita just moved offices! We’ve moved into a small office building just West of Downtown Littleton (South Metro Denver). Since recently dealing with the move, we thought why not write about it and share our experiences, thoughts, and tips! 

Matt’s new office


Moving can be stressful, fun, exciting, annoying, exhausting…and the list goes on. Whatever emotions there may be, know you’ll get through it! Hopefully there is a good reason you’re moving (Expanding your business, new opportunities at the new location, saving money, etc…) So, when you accidentally drop that new computer monitor and bust the screen, just keep in the back of your mind, “this is worth it”! 

Moving an office can be extra complex. You must deal with how the business continues to run as smoothly as possible during the transition. For us, that meant slowly moving some items over before the official move day, carefully setting up our individual computers on move day, and having the computer guy set up our server on move day so there was very minimal actual down time for computers. 

We hired movers to lift a majority of the heavy stuff (filing cabinets, furniture, etc)… but it still felt like we did a ton of moving. We definitely lost a few days of work, mostly setting stuff up and moving stuff around….so just plan for however long you think it will take you and your team!

Internet… Always set up your internet ahead of the move! We set up our a week or so before. I (Matt) also moved homes a few months ago. My house was new construction, and the builder did not contact comcast/xfinity or centurylink to get them to drop a data line from the overhead poles. I was a comcast/ xfinity customer before, so I called them up when I moved, and they said they would be out to set up internet in 1-2 months!!!!! I was obviously annoyed with this, called up centurylink, and while I did have a little trouble getting ahold of the right person, I was able to get a crew out to drop internet to our new home and set us up in a about a week. So, in summary, always think ahead for internet, escpecially if the building/home is new construction!

When we moved the office, we also did some painting, mostly beforehand. Its definitely easier to paint without furniture in the way ! 

We hope if you are moving or expanding, you business, distillery, office, or home, it goes smoothly! A little planning goes a long way, but also don’t expect everything to go as planned!

Written By:
Matthew Taylor-Rennert

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