Thank you Downslope

In 2008 Andy Causey, Matt Causey, and Mitch Abate launched Downslope Distilling in Centennial, Colorado.  Andy Causey previously owned the Beer at Home Store in Englewood, CO and asked Jim Mitchel, a customer and architect for help.  Mitchel referred them to Dalkita.

Together, Dalkita and Downslope designed and built one of the first micro-distilleries in Colorado.  Downslope offered monthly distilling classes and invited Dalkita to teach a section on distillery design and construction.  For years, the firms partnered to their mutual benefit offering these classes with Downslope as the regular venue, outside of conventions, for this unique instruction about distillery codes.

Scott and Colleen moved away from the Denver area in late 2020.  Colleen Moore dividing time between graduate school in Vancouver, BC and a new home in St. Augustine, FL with Scott Moore.  With their departure, Matt Taylor-Rennert took responsibility for the in-person educational content.  Matt and his family are departing Colorado for Hawaii.  

Dalkita will miss this long-standing partnership with Downslope Distilling and thanks Downslope for allowing Dalkita to volunteer our time and knowledge to help educate the next generation of distillers.

As for the Distillery Code Classes, Dalkita will be producing content for national and international industry conventions and is actively looking for an appropriate venue to regularly provide this imperative educational foundation to the distilling community.

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