Here you will find several of Dalkita’s presentations that have been prepared over the years and presented to various organizations. These presentations cover some of the most important topics for distillery designs. They contain valuable information on the rules, regulations, and principles when it comes to planning and operating compliant and safe facilities.

2018v2021 IBC Interpretation Needed

The International Code Council has created substantial conflict between the IBC and IFC regarding distillery occupancy. For each distillery we work on, we present this document to the fire and building code officials for resolution of the conflict. As of February of 2024, rulings have been about 50/50 between Option 1 and Option 2.


The Electric Sombrero of Death

Electrical Sombrero of Death is a dynamic and revealing presentation on Classified Electrical Areas.  We will answer all the questions about classified electrical in a distillery: where the areas are, when are classified electronics needed, special wring methods inside and outside the classified area.  We will dispel the myth that entire distilleries need to have “explosion proof” wiring and explain the proper terminology of Class, Division, and Group.  Finally, we will explain how it is true that 95% of all distilleries need not use classified electrical fixtures and wiring methods.  We will reveal how simple ventilation can save thousands of dollars in electrical upgrades.  We will explain what classified electrical equipment is and looks like for those rare locations where it actually required.


Distillery Codes: Good Bad & Ugly

Big changes are coming to the 2021 model building and fire codes regarding distilleries. This presentation covers how codes become law, tips for working with building and fire code officials, and dives into the new rules being put into place.


Let’s Get Tanked

Covers the relevant aspects of building and fire code, NFPA standards, OSHA requirements, DOT standards for the safe use and installation requirements of tanks and other containers inside of a distillery environment.


Another One Fights the Dust

Working with grains? Then, there will be dust! Learn about dust basics and how to identify and manage combustible dust hazards in your distillery.


Code Breaking Barrel Storage

Codes are very complex when it comes to barrel storage. The term “barrel exceptions” is something we’ve heard thrown around the industry. But, what exactly are the barrel exceptions? Barrels are not exempt from every rule. Learn about how the codes treat barrels and which exceptions can be applied per the model building and fire codes. Note: a 2021 IFC code change update to this topic coming to a convention presentation near you in the future.


Flamethrower v. Potato Gun

Learn about key concepts to safety within a distillery. The title is an example used to demonstrate the difference between an explosion in free open space and an explosion in a contained space. This concept is applied to how potential ethanol vapor will behave inside a building. Note: The content of this presentation is similar to that of the Electric Sombrero of Death.


Property Due Diligence Checklist 

Download the Dalkita Property Due Diligence Checklist (one-page PDF) of general items to take into consideration when leasing or purchasing a property specifically for a micro-distillery. Designed to help generate the appropriate questions during the property search. Sections include:
  • Site & Zoning
  • Utilities
  • Structure condition
  • Distillery program basics
  • Distillery specific fire and building code issues