Distilling Craft Podcast


Milling, Mashing, Fermenting, Distilling, Maturation,
Proofing & Bottling… is just the start of the story.

We dive into some pretty technical topics on distillation each episode with host Devin Mills, Distillery Engineer. While we can’t promise there will be no math… we will get to the processes and science behind craft distilling. We also talk with an industry professional about their thoughts and approach to each episode’s topic. That is — the distillers, brewers, warehousemen, engineers, and architects that get it done – day in and day out. We get to the processes and science behind craft distilling.


Show Notes


Ep 015 – 11.03.2017 – Yum! Candy Corn w. Mike Reppucci of Sons of Liberty Spirits Co in South Kingstown, RI

Ep 014 – 10.17.2017 – Amber Waves w/ Chad Butters of Eight Oaks Craft Distillers in New Tripoli, PA

Ep 013 – 10.04.2017 – My Lucky Barley w/ Dylan Mobley of Bottle Logic Brewery in Anaheim, CA

Ep 012 – 09.26.2017 – Breakin’ Chains w/ Ryan Hembree of Skip Rock Distillers in Snohomish, WA

Ep 011 – 09.20.2017 – 8675309(Gin)y w/ Rob Masters of The Family Jones Distillery in Loveland, CO

Ep 010 – 09.12.2017 – The Proof You Need w/ Adam Spiegel of Sonoma County Distilling Co. in Rohnert Park, CA

Ep 009 – 09.06.2017 – Milling it Over w/ Jody Thorpe of Dancing Pines soon to be in Breckenridge, CO

Ep 008 – 08.29.2017 – Sustaining Momentum w/ Karen Hoskin of Montanya Distillers in Crested Butte, CO

Ep 007 – 08.22.2017 – You Only Still Twice w/ Chip Tate of Tate & Co. in Waco, TX

Ep 006 – 08.15.2017 – Barrels of Fun w/ Henric Molin of Spirit of Hven, Backafallsbyn, Sweden

Ep 005 – 08.08.2017 – The Cooler w/ Jason Barrett of Black Button Distilling in Rochester, NY

Ep 004 – 08.01.2017 – Gleaming Scales w/ Lukas Smith of Cotton & Reed in Washington D.C.

Ep 003 – 08.01.2017 – The Cleaners w/ Mike Rassmussen of Painted Stave Distillery in Smyrna, DE

Ep 002 – 08.01.2017 – Yeastie Boys w/ Sean Smiley of State 38 in Golden, CO

Ep 001 – 08.01.2017 – The Still Life w/ John McKee of Headframe in Butte, MT