Matt Rennert


Matt & Junior

Associate, Designer

Matt was born & raised in Merrick, NY. Having an interest in architecture from a young age, he excelled through high school in academics and pursued a degree in architecture in college. Matt and his family spent many winter breaks in the Rocky Mountains visiting relatives and he chose to make the move out west for college. Matt attended the University of Colorado, Boulder where he earned a Bachelor of Environmental Design. Upon his return, he went to The University of Colorado, Denver, to complete a Master in Architecture and a Certificate in Design/ Build. One of Matt’s most rewarding accomplishments during his education was the semester of graduate school spent in Bluff, Utah, designing & building a home for a family on the Navajo Reservation.

Since receiving his master’s degree in 2011, Matt has been working as a professional in design & building industry. First designing telecommunications facilities. Then moving on to the healthcare industry, specializing in outpatient facilities and hospitals.

In 2014, Matt joined Dalkita Architecture & Construction, intrigued by the unique distilling niche and the opportunity to grow with a company that crosses the bridge between design and construction. Matt wears many hats at Dalkita, such as architectural drafting, 3D modeling, zoning/building code analysis, interface with municipal building/fire authorities, and administrative duties. Matt enjoys the multi-disciplinary, challenging nature of the design and distilling industries. Matt is currently undergoing the arduous process of attaining an Architect’s License in the State of Colorado.

Since 2014, Matt has gained a consortium of expertise in the distilling, architecture, and construction industries. He has provided design & consulting services to several successful distilleries throughout Colorado and the United States. Recently, he was a speaker at the American Distilling Institute’s Convention in San Diego.

Matt appears monthly at the Downslope Distilling School in Centennial, CO and provides a 3-hour seminar on building code, fire code, and design issues regarding distilleries.