2014 Distilling School

Downslope Distilling in Centennial, Colorado

Scott Moore, M. Arch, from Dalkita Construction will be teaching the portion of Downslope Distillery’s School dealing with facility site selection, compliance with various codes and general tips to get a distillery up and running with the blessing of BOTH the building department and the fire department of the local jurisdiction.

“The different codes conflict with each other and local jurisdictions tend to be either too conservative or too liberal when evaluating a distillery in their community. The result is either a facility that is much more expensive than it needs to be or unsafe for the workers and the surrounding community. Either of those options is ultimately bad for everyone in the community, including the distiller,” said Mr. Moore.

Distillery School classes will be held on January 11-12, February 8-9, March 8-9, April 5-6, May 17-18, June 21-22, July 19-20August 16-17, Sept 13-14, October 11-12, November 8-9, and December 6-7. More dates will be added as they become available. The two-day, in-depth, hands-on workshop covers: raw materials through finished product, distillation on pot and column stills, sensory training, facilities, and business issues for those interested in commercial operations.

The two-day classes start at 9:00 AM Mountain Time and cover: Distilling Vodka, Rum and Whiskey, Mashing, Gauging, Blending, Spirit Ageing and other topics. Visit Downslope Distilling’s website for more information.


  1. Colleen,

    I would like any information about upcoming code classes/conferences or distilling school you could provide. The City Of Grand Rapids, MI. has several new distilleries building facilities and we would like to increase our knowledge base on the process.

    Thank You,

    Steve Devlaeminck

    • As far as classes we are teaching, with a heavy emphasis on building and fire code implications in relationship to distilling.

      We have a presentation we put together for the Colorado Fire Marshals Association. It includes a 30-45 minute primer on the distilling process and about a 3 hour class on code considerations for craft distilleries. We could do a web share of this presentation with your team, or even come to you to present to all of your code officials.

      There is a convention in Austin Texas held by the American Craft Spirits Association coming up February 14th, 2015. Here is the info on that class: Saturday, 2/14 1-day Pre-convention Class: Code enforcement-hidden risks of distillery expansion & construction with our presentation for half the day and an in depth case study for the other half. http://www.americancraftspirits.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/CODE-Enforcement-Syllabus.pdf

      We also teach monthly at Downslope Distilling’s class in Centennial, CO

      Costs for each of these things varies. It would probably be most effective to bring our presentation to you. You would be able to have the relevant information into more of your staff’s hands, more cost effectively.

      Let me know your thoughts and thanks again for reaching out.

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